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40 多年來,Helmer Scientific 一直提供高質量的血庫設備,支持您為確保血液供應安全所做的努力。
Helmer 產品經久耐用。 我們高質量的解決方案讓您免去冷藏和加工的後顧之憂。
為確保 TrueBlue™ 性能,我們的服務技術人員可以回答問題或幫助解決任何問題。

<p>我們致力於通過提供專為血液儲存和處理而開發的可靠、精心設計的產品,幫助我們的血庫客戶提供最高標準的患者護理。 我們在提供高質量血庫和實驗室設備方面擁有 40 年的經驗,為全球超過 125 個國家/地區的客戶提供支持。 我們提供全套血庫設備,包括冰箱、冰櫃、血小板儲存、血漿解凍、細胞清洗和全系列離心機。</p>

旨在滿足 AABB 對血液和血液成分安全存儲的要求。







Sustainable Cold Storage for Blood Products

GX Solutions professional medical-grade refrigerators and freezers are designed to meet the unique demands associated with storing high-value blood products. They deliver optimized control in the management of temperature uniformity, recovery, and stability, ensuring contents are stored under optimal conditions. GX Solutions support environmental sustainability with the use of OptiCool™ technology They utilize natural refrigerants that have no impact on ozone depletion and extremely low global warming potential (GWP). They also reduce energy use compared to conventional medical-grade units and are ENERGY STAR® certified. This helps lower the total cost of ownership by reducing electricity costs. In addition, they eject less heat, limiting impact on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. These models offer lower noise levels than conventional units. Quieter operation means fewer distractions and a more comfortable working environment for blood bank staff.

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Solutions for Storage and Processing

Helmer Scientific offers several solutions for storing and processing specialty blood products. These include Platelet Storage Systems, QuickThaw® Plasma Thawing Systems, the UltraCW®II Cell Washing System, and a full line of high-quality clinical centrifuges from Hettich. These high-performance, reliable solutions, along with our temperature-controlled storage solutions, are all supported by our helpful Technical Service team.

Quality and Reliability

All Helmer Scientific products are designed and built to ensure they last for the long term. During the design process, GX Solutions blood bank refrigerators and plasma freezers underwent thorough Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) to ensure reliability. ALT identifies and addresses possible issues before equipment is released for general use. It exposes units to very high levels of stress to challenge the system and ensures the unit’s design can withstand the rigors of daily use through a 10-year life, limiting downtime and disruptions to workflow.

Regulatory Compliance

Helmer Scientific products support our customers’ efforts to achieve regulatory compliance. Temperature-controlled storage devices, such as blood bank refrigerators, plasma freezers, and platelet incubators, are designed to help facilities meet AABB Standards and CAP checklist requirements. These units are designed to ensure the proper temperature is maintained, and to continuously monitor and record the storage temperature. Select products are recognized by the AABB Standards-Compliant Products Program.

Custom Products

Helmer Scientific provides integrated solutions for safeguarding blood therapies, medications, biologics and other temperature-sensitive products. Helmer Custom Products designs, develops and manufactures specialized temperature-controlled solutions to address custom workflow, lean operation, and device integration needs. Interested in Security and Integration, Storage and Configurations, or Cosmetics and Branding? Helmer Custom Products Division has worked with customers who have challenges that can’t be solved with standard products. Together we have developed solutions to meet those needs.

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