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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (-80°C)
Low temperature freezer designed for the reliable storage of reagents, controls, tissue, rare blood, and other biological materials.
Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer
Design Matters
The unique Heat Barrier System™ keeps heat out, maximizing temperature uniformity and minimizing frost for optimal storage.
Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Design
Cooling Matters
The refrigeration system is designed to protect the compressor and optimize oil management for the most reliable performance.
Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Cooling
Intelligence Matters
Our ultra-low freezers are smart, providing intelligent diagnostic information, temperature data, and integrated Access Control.
Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer Control Screen

How It's Made Matters

Designing an Ultra-Low Freezer You Can Trust for Your Sample Storage

Understanding “How It’s Made Matters” was the tenet around which our -86°C Ultra Low Laboratory Freezers were designed and developed. Care was taken to focus on each aspect of the product, ensuring that every component works together to create an optimized system that instills confidence in the user.

The benefits of the Helmer Ultra Low Temperature Freezer go beyond what you can see and include design elements that guarantee TrueBlue™ performance.

See for yourself why “how it’s made” matters  

Design Matters

Unique Heat Barrier System™ Keeps Heat Out and Reduces Frost

The adversary of any ultra low freezer is heat. We designed 4 levels of containment that combine an ice-resistant sealing surface with high-quality materials to keep heat out, providing better temperature uniformity and reducing frost. These containment measures are the basis of the Heat Barrier Systerm™ exclusive to Helmer.

  • Fortified Outer Door
  • Insulated Inner Door
  • Hot Gas Loop Anchoring Frame and Cabinet Design
  • Premium Insulation

Cooling Matters

Optimum Oil Management Leads to Greater Reliability

One of the most important concepts in developing a reliable ultra low freezer is designing an optimized refrigeration system that protects the compressor. By providing maximum heat exchange and designing a system for optimized oil management, Helmer has developed a system that will reduce stress on the compressor and increase the reliability of the freezer.

Watch to see how the oil management system works  

Service Matters

Reduce Downtime and Cost

Our goal is to ensure that your equipment operates at ultimate performance capacity. We are committed to providing the highest quality product and world-class service to complete the customer experience.
Our outstanding serviceability was created by design. Field Service Engineers, experts in servicing ultra low freezers, were members of our design team. The result is an ultra-low freezer that is extremely reliable and easily serviceable, reducing both downtime and repair costs.

Intelligence Matters

Our ultra low freezers are smart. The i.C3® Information Center provides intelligent diagnostic information and temperature data, while providing security features to keep the information safe. It consolidates everthing you need to know about the status of your freezer in one secure location.

With the i.C3®, you can monitor and optimize performance with just a fingerstroke. Want to know who’s been opening the freezer? Simple, check the Access Control Log. With intuitive prompts and messages, it’s never been easier to set parameters, track performance, and download freezer data.

Learn more about the i.C3® Information Center  


How It's Made Matters

Watch this interactive demo on designing our ULT


Design Matters

Protecting samples during door openings


Reduce Cost Risk

Financial impact of ultra-low freezer failure