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Workplace | Helmer Scientific

Helmer Scientific is committed to creating a work environment that fosters community outreach, networking opportunities, and the diverse interests of employees.  Our business is successful because of our talented and passionate people who want to make a difference.  We believe that every individual is inherently valuable, meaning each employee is an integral part of and contributor to the organization’s success and deserves to be appreciated and respected.

We make every effort to provide opportunities for employees to have an impact on their job and personal lives so that they can grow both personally and professionally.

Workplace | Helmer Scientific

Professional Development Opportunities

Employee Development Program

Helmer is committed to supporting skill enrichment activities such as attendance at workshops, seminars, conferences, and technical training. In addition, we encourage employees to obtain professional certification and contribute to licensing and maintaining professional memberships.

Educational Assistance

Development activities involving college or university coursework are encouraged and supported by Helmer Scientific. Programs are in place to provide monetary aid and support while completing these advanced degrees.