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Over 40 Years
in Business
9 GPO Contracts
155 Countries
using Helmer Products
Over 110,000
Products Sold since 1999
30 Tradeshows
attended annually



Platelet Rotators

The "original platelet motion device", introduced in 1977, to provide continuous, gentle motion for platelet viability.


Platelet Incubators and Agitators

From 1984 into the early 90's, various sizes of platelet incubators were introduced to provide a controlled temperature storage environment. In addition, the flatbed agitator was introduced which provided side-to-side agitation.


DH4/DH8 Plasma Thawing Systems

To address the need for quicker and safer plasma thawing, the DH4 and DH8 plasma thawing systems were successfully introduced. They continue to provide the best turn-around time and highest through-put of any thawing device.


Refrigerators – i.Series and Horizon Series

Refrigerators were introduced for Blood Banks,Laboratories, and Pharmacies in two lines. These refrigerators set a new standard with forward thinking design and technology.


Hettich Centrifuges

Helmer began distributing Hettich centrifuges for processing laboratory and blood bank samples. Packages were created to simplify the selection and ordering process. In addition, custom packages were created to meet specific facility needs.


Cell Washing System

The most advanced automatic cell washing system to date, the UltraCW provides a faster turn-around time and consistent, reproducible results.


Platelet / Plasma / Agitator Redesign

Introduction of the i.Series Platelet Systems which included the i.Center Integrated Monitoring System. Both products were also given a face-lift and adopted the new Helmer TrueBlue color.


-30 Freezers

The introduction of -30 plasma and laboratory freezers provided a complimentary product to be sold with our highly successful refrigerator. Freezers are available in i.Series® and Horizon Series™.


11 cf Refrigerators

The introduction of the 11cf slim-line refrigerator extended our refrigerator product offering to those facilities requiring a mid-sized storage solution.



The DH2 offered a solution for small facilities that want to take advantage of the benefits and convenience of rapid thawing in a small footprint.


Undercounter Refrigerators

The 2009 introduction of undercounter refrigerators extended the product line again. A full compliment of refrigerators was now available to meet varied storage requirements.


Undercounter Freezers

The complimentary undercounter freezer was offered the following year.



Due to customer requests for a baseline refrigerator model that didn't require monitoring, the Scientific Series™ was born with the introduction of the SLR105 Scientific Laboratory Undercounter Refrigerator.


Pass-Thru Refrigerators

The introduction of pass-thru refrigerators for pharmacies and blood banks fulfilled a much needed gap by offering a high-quality product that was designed around helping customers meet USP<797> requirements.


Gen 3 (i.C3) Refrigerator and Freezer Redesign

The third generation of refrigerators and freezers was launched in 2012 with many feature upgrades. In addition, i.Series® models included the i.C3 User Interface door-mounted, color touch screen that provided constant temperature monitoring and control, multiple information logs, on-screen corrective action, and downloading.


ADA Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers

The introduction of ADA compatible undercounter refrigerators and freezers provided an option for new or remodeling facilities that are required to build to ADA guidelines.


Ultra-Low Freezers

Understanding “How It’s Made Matters” was the tenet around which our Ultra-Low Freezers were designed and developed. Care was taken to focus on each aspect of the product, ensuring that every component works together to create an optimized system that instills confidence in the user. The benefits of the Helmer Ultra-Low Freezer go beyond what you can see and include design elements that guarantee TrueBlue™ performance.


BloodTrack® HaemoBank™

A just-in-time blood allocation solution that acts as a 24/7 virtual, automated blood bank, helping to reduce blood bank workload, safely improve access, and reduce waste.